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What does OpenInWSL do?

OpenInWSL lets you set WSL Linux apps as File Handlers in Windows.

No more crazy custom code and batch files! Make any Linux app open any file directly from the File Explorer with one click!

Even more Windows to WSL integration!


Basically, OpenInWSL lets you replace something like notepad.exe with gedit in WSL for opening text files. In this case Windows will now automatically open text files in gedit! This is especially useful if you use WSL Linux-based IDE’s to edit files stored on Windows. No more opening the WSL shell to manually open the file.

Just click it! (Or right click and select “Open In WSL” if you want to use a Windows IDE too!)

Watch the cool video to see more ⬇

Demo & Tutorial video:

Here is a video showing it in action:


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Minimum System Requirements

Windows 10 Version 2004 (See FAQ)

WSL (with the WSL2 update)

GWSL (Recommended) or another Xserver (or the wslg preview)

Using OpenInWSL

OpenInWSL Manual

Quick Links:

Familiarizing Yourself With WSL.

Enabling WSL and Installing Distros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help and Support

Need help? Visit our help page.

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